Soils, Food and Healthy Communities

Soils, Food and Healthy Communities

Ekwendeni Hospital AIDS Program (EHAP)

Esther Lupafya, AIDS CoordinatorThe SFHC project has had a collaborative relationship with EHAP for many years. We have provided legume seeds and training to the community-based child care committees for orphan care. We have also provided legume seeds and training for home-based care patients, distributed through EHAP’s Home Based Care volunteers. This past year we have carried out research in conjunction with EHAP on the agricultural needs of AIDS-affected families, and hope to develop a comprehensive approach to issues of HIV and food security with EHAP. Esther Lupafya is the EHAP Coordinator at Ekwendeni Hospital. They can be reached at or their website:

Dr. George Kanyama Phiri – an agroforestry/agricultural scientist and Principal of the University of Malawi, Bunda College of Agriculture

Dr. Kanyama-Phiri has been conducting research on agroecological and agricultural issues for smallholder farmers in Malawi for over two decades. Dr. Kanyama-Phiri has played an important role nationally in shaping agricultural education at the post-secondary level, and we are thrilled to have him a part of the SFHC team. The collaboration of Bunda College of Agriculture is an exciting opportunity for us to expand beyond the Ekwendeni area and reach other farmers and researchers in the region.

Dr. Sieglinde Snapp

Sieg Snapp, holding a pigeonpea plant, Ekwendeni region, February 2007.Sieg Snapp is a Soils and Cropping Systems Ecologist, in the department of Crop and Soil Sciences and Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan State University with long-term interests in supporting farmer innovation around soil fertility management and sustainable production. She has collaborated with the SFHC Project since 2000, focusing on legume diversification and residue management to improve nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition, and soil health. Doubled up legume systems that provide nutritious grain and soil improvement is an area of on-going research. Snapp is committed to multidisciplinary partnerships and participatory strategies that involve small-scale African farmers in the research process, and enhance relevance of technologies. Her participatory action research approaches such as the mother and baby trial design are now used by researchers and educators in more than thirty countries. Check out her website for more information:

Peter Berti in a maize demonstration field, April 2005.Dr. Peter Berti, [] is Nutrition Advisor and Deputy Director of HealthBridge, a Canadian-based NGO which works with partners world-wide to improve health and health equity through research, policy and action. Peter has been advising SFHC since 2002 on technical issues related to nutrition and data analysis. He has used the lessons he has learned through partnering with SFHC to inform his other research projects in Bolivia and Ecuador, in which, like SFHC, the agriculture-nutrition links are a central focus.