Wilson Zimba

Wilson Zimba

Wilson Zimba
Village: Madangombe
Joined in: 2000

Wilson Zimba started participating in the SFHC project in 2000 because he heard that by growing various legumes, he could improve his soils and produce more crops. At the age of 60, Wilson was interested in learning to grow legumes. When he joined the project, maize was the only crop that he grew and during the hungry season (February and March) his granaries were empty and he and his wife and their six children did not have enough food.

Since joining, however, Wilson’s fields have gotten much bigger, and he now grows peanuts, soy, and pigeon pea in addition to his maize. He and his wife feel stronger since incorporating the different legumes into their diets, and his children are rarely sick.

Wilson is a very active member of the SFHC project. In addition to planting the various legumes, he is also a member of the Farmer Research Team, and enjoys taking part in the project’s Field and Recipe days. While he is grateful for what he has learned about sustainable and inexpensive farming techniques, he also appreciates what he has learned about household relations. He and his wife now share household responsibilities, and they enjoy preparing the nutritious recipes that Wilson learns at Recipe Days, such as soy porridge!

Wilson clearly works very hard and he plans to continue planting the legumes and burying their residues until he, “reach(es) the end!”

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