Students play an active role in our organization as interns, field assistants, and researchers. As interns and field assistants, students are exposed to research and community development work, often for the first time in a developing country context. They assist in operational and research tasks while learning about how a non-profit, research and community development organization operates.

Many of our partners are professors that supervise masters and PhD students who design their research projects around our ongoing work. These students are in important contribution to our research, and in monitoring and evaluating our project outcomes. In addition to being published in graduate theses, much of this work is also published in peer reviewed journals and presented at international conferences, which disseminates our work to a broader audience.

For more information about the students working with us, please follow the links below:

Cornell University

Dr. Rachel Bezner Kerr’s Lab
Dr. Katja Poveda’s Lab

Student fellow and practicum programs:
CALS Global Fellows Program
Engaged Cornell
Community Food Systems Minor

Western University

Dr. Isaac Luginaah’s Lab

University of Weurzburg

Dr. Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter’s Lab