Objective 2: Participatory Experiments on Climate Change

Four hundred farmers (two hundred from each site) are taking part in participatory action research on climate change, food security and health. Participating villages at each site were randomly selected based on cluster sampling from each of the 20 village areas, to be able to capture the geographical and agroecological differences across the two sites. Farming households were then purposively sampled using the following criteria: households with someone living with HIV/AIDS, a youth, and/or households that are food insecure. Farmers identified different experiments they want to conduct to adapt to climate change, address food security and health issues.The experiments were initiated in 2010, and included testing different drought tolerant crops (e.g. sorghum), intercropping, use of different soil fertility methods, agroforestry, and integrating small livestock into the farming system. A survey of all 400 households was conducted in February-March 2011 to have a baseline of the households’ food security status, knowledge and agricultural methods currently in place. More information about the experiments will be posted over the next 3 years. Stay posted!

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