In Memorial

Over the years we have lost some friends and colleagues who have been crucial and greatly appreciated members of the SFHC project. This page is to remember and honour these friends.

Tapiwa Mkandawire (-July 2023)

Tapiwa joined SFHC as a community promoter because of the FARMS4Biodiversity Project. He was very committed and hardworking in his research and was a kind soul who touched us all. His dedication and involvement in numerous fruitful projects were inspiring. We will forever miss him and remember the impact he made.

Penjani Kanyimbo (-February 2023)

Penjani joined SFHC in the year 2000. During his 23 years with us, he played many roles through his multi-faceted work at the organization: from driver, to translator and interpreter, to manager of the Farmer Research & Training Centre. His natural talent for languages would eventually have a great impact on our work. We will miss his kindness, his gentle humour, and his sincere, generous spirit.

Godfrey Mbizi (-February 2023)

Godfrey became a member of SFHC in 2014, during the Malawi Farmer to Farmer Agroecology Project (MAFFA). Over the next few years he quickly established himself as not only a talented farmer, but a strong community leader with a clear commitment to the goals of our work. He was hired as a community promoter in 2017, and as a member of staff he worked hard with our team to support farmers throughout his home region of Jombo. We will miss his deep knowledge and his dedication.

Manford Jere (-May 2008)

Manford Jere standing in his demonstration sorghum field, February 2007.

Manford was an active member of the SFHC project. He was an early experimenter, and used the different legumes to improve his food security and soil fertility. In 2007 he also tested sorghum as a drought-tolerant alternative to maize. Manford was a leader in his community and was admired for his hard-work, intelligence and willingness to try new ideas. We mourn his loss.

Marko Chirwa (- May 2005)

Marko was the Project Coordinator from 2000 to 2005. Marko had a wonderful sense of humour, was dedicated to our participatory approach and driven to improve the situation for farmers in the region. Trained as an agricultural promoter, Marko had worked for the Ministry of Agriculture as well as Action Aid prior to joining Ekwendeni Hospital. During his time with the project, he saw the project increase from a few hundred farmers to thousands and was greatly encouraged by our achievements. Marko was also very interested in furthering his own education and worked on a distance studies course in the evenings after his long days in the field. We miss his laugh, his energy and his vision.

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