Policy & Media Briefs

SFHC in The Daily Times Jan. 2023

Read the news articles about SFHC’s work and advancements!

  1. Researchers Promote Crop Diversification
  2. MW, TZ, Uganda share notes on organic agriculture

SFHC in Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine

SFHC has helped communities develop resilience through agroecology and leadership training. This article talks more about it as seen on a documentary by Raj Patel!

The voices of the women facing climate change

Farms4Biodiversity Jan. 2023 Media Brief


Read about our key findings from our Farms4Biodiversity Project!

2021 SFHC Annual Report


Read about some of our projects, including SAGE, INNOVA-AFRICA, and FARMS for Biodiversity, throughout 2021 in our end-of-year report!

Farm-Friendly Insects and Animals

English // Tumbuka

Learn how you can support these insects on your farm!

Why Are Insects Important?

English // Tumbuka

Learn about why insects are not always pests and can actually be quite important!

What Affects Bee and Pest Abundance on Pigeon Pea in Malawi?

English // Tumbuka

Read about the findings of our study on how landscape affects bee and pest abundance in a Malawi region!

What Can You Do About Fall Army Worm?

English // Tumbuka

Fall Army worm is a new pest in Malawi. Learn about some natural solutions!

How to Use Botanicals!


Plants can be used to make botanicals for pest protection. Learn more about it here!