We are so grateful for the donations that we have received from farmers and supporters around the globe. We have created Friends of SFHC as a way to support the ongoing work of SFHC. To make a donation, please click here.

Friends of SFHC is a project of the Center for Transformative Action, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which accepts all funds on our behalf. When donating online, you will receive an electronic tax receipt statement from CTA for your records.

Your donations will continue to help support our SFHC Farmer Training and Research Center. Read more about this exciting project here.

Esther Lupafya, Laifolo Dakishoni (members of SFHC) and Rachel Bezner Kerr (Friends of SFHC) standing in front of the Center.

Esther Lupafya, Laifolo Dakishoni (SFHC Director and Deputy Director) and Rachel Bezner Kerr (Friends of SFHC) standing in front of the Center.

For more information about donations to SFHC, please contact Dr. Rachel Bezner Kerr (

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  3. So glad to support this wonderful work! It is really cool to see Malawian farmers leading the way on experimenting with ecological agriculture. Farmers here will follow your lead. Keep fighting climate change, I’m glad to support!

  4. ^Yes, as climate change worsens and we see more of its effects (like new viruses appearing!!), helping organizations like SFHC to help the most vulnerable and build resilient alternative futures is so crucial. Thanks for what you do.

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