Farmer Stories

Wilson Zimba

Wilson Zimba started participating in the SFHC project in 2000 because he heard that by growing various legumes, he could improve his soils and produce more crops. At the age of 60, Wilson was interested in learning to grow legumes.

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Mercy Gumbo

Mercy joined the project in 2000 because her four children were very malnourished. She heard that by incorporating different legumes into her children’s diet, their health would improve.

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Forbes Moyo

Forbes Moyo joined the MAFFA project (Malawi Farmer to Farmer Agroecology project, co-led by SFHC, that involves 6000+ farming households) in 2012. From the start, he has been fascinated by pigeonpea.

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Lucy Chagoma

Lucy Chagoma joined the MAFFA project in 2012 and became a member of the Farmer Research Team. She benefits from her pigeonpea crop in the form of firewood, food, and much more.

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Annie Nguluve

Annie is married, with 3 children. She joined the MAFFA project in 2012 (which is co-led by SFHC, Chancellor College). She planted a pigeonpea and groundnut field the first year and has seen many benefits from using agroecological methods. As she said in a discussion in 2015, “I’ve seen several benefits apart from the food I’ve fed to the children. I’ve seen that I get more yields by adding other crops like pigeonpea, it has increased my food.”

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