Farmer Stories

Angela Nsini

Angela her husband are enthusiastic farmers and were very interested in making manure and in experimenting with growing new crops.

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Mr. and Mrs. Fiyasi in front of their granary with millet, groundnuts and maize.

Makiyoni and Tonada Fiyasi

For the last three growing seasons, they harvested enough food for their family and have not had to do any ‘ganyu’ work to earn extra income or food.

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Forbes Moyo

Forbes Moyo joined the MAFFA project (Malawi Farmer to Farmer Agroecology project, co-led by SFHC, that involved 6000+ farming households) in 2012. From the start, he has been fascinated by pigeonpea.

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Lucy Chagoma

Lucy Chagoma joined the MAFFA project in 2012 and became a member of the Farmer Research Team. She benefits from her pigeonpea crop in the form of firewood, food, and much more.

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The Manda Family

 Wilined and Eileen received training from SFHC in 2012. They started growing more diverse crops including orange fleshed sweet potato and pigeon pea, and using new practices like intercropping, compost manure, and incorporating residues. Since getting training and support from SFHC, they do more work together and they have seen an improvement in their food security and dietary diversity, in the health of their family, and especially in the health of their soil.

“We have seen that since we started using manure, when we plant, the crop grows very healthy, even more than when we used fertilizer. Although we often didn’t even have money for fertilizer before, which is why we often didn’t have any harvest”

Annie Nguluve

Annie is married, with 3 children. She joined the MAFFA project in 2012, which was co-led by SFHC. She planted a pigeonpea and groundnut field the first year and has seen many benefits from using agroecological methods. As she said in a discussion in 2015, “I’ve seen several benefits apart from the food I’ve fed to the children. I’ve seen that I get more yields by adding other crops like pigeonpea, it has increased my food.”

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