Cultivating Young Minds: School Visit to Our Permaculture Garden

Today, we had the pleasure of hosting a class of primary school students in our permaculture garden at SFHC’s Farmer Research & Training Centre. During their visit, we shared insights into agriculture and agroecology, emphasizing the importance of… Read More

Building a Base for BSF Insect Farming

In the past couple of months, our Project Manager, Rowland Watipaso Mhone, has been busy setting up a special facility for Black Soldier Flies (BSF). This house is divided into sections to cater to the various stages of… Read More

Exciting News: Our Director Honoured the WWSF Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life!

We are thrilled to announce that our director, Esther Lupafya, has been awarded the prestigious WWSF-Prize by the Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF). This award, known as the Women’s Creativity in Rural Life Prize, was established during the… Read More

New Research Paper–Butterfly Communities and Habitats!

We are excited to share a paper that was published in the Journal of Applied Ecology from research conducted in our FARMS for Biodiversity Project! The paper, published this past June 2023, includes several of our SFHC’s collaborators,… Read More

Celebrating Diversity: Highlights from Our Community Seed Fair

This month, we had the pleasure of hosting our annual Community Seed Fair at our Research and Training centre in Ekwendeni. 131 farmers, hailing from 13 different working areas, gathered to showcase their diverse seeds, creating a vibrant… Read More

Fresh Harvests at Our Permaculture Haven

Amidst the current dimba (garden) season, our permaculture garden is thriving. We’ve planted a variety of fresh vegetables, from leafy greens to juicy tomatoes, legumes, and maize. Besides the vegetables, our garden is brimming with fruits like papayas,… Read More

SFHC on the seed hunt

Our dedicated team can be seen carefully grading seeds, a crucial step in our efforts to support our fellow farmers. Due to extreme weather conditions such as either drought or excessive rainfall this year, many crops have suffered,… Read More

“Whole landscapes, whole communities”

Check out this video that was produced within the “Seed & Knowledge Initiative” (SKI) in which we are taking part. It is a short animation video that gives an introduction to the Agroecology Landscape work that SKI has… Read More

Soon we will enter the world of insect farming!

End of June, our director and co-director, Esther Lupafya and Laifolo Dakishoni, met with project coordinators and collaborators in Uganda to launch this new exciting project on sustainable waste-based insect farming – the “SWIFT project“. The project aims to promote waste-based Black Soldier Fly (BSF)… Read More

A taste of Malawi

With lots of exotic food stuffs being introduced in Malawi, many people have lost a touch of indigenous food. Thanks to the Mzimba North DAECC1 for introducing the yearly agricultural fair where farmers can come together showcase and… Read More