Makiyoni & Tonada Fiyasi

Makiyoni and Tonada Fiyasi

Village: Mpahi village, Lobi area, Dedza District

Makiyoni and Tonada Fiyasi received training from SFHC in agroecology as part of the MAFFA project in 2012. Before joining, the Fiyasi household had very little food and income, so they often went without basic household goods. Every year when they ran out of their own food supplies, they had to do informal work on other people’s farms (called ‘ganyu’). When they had agroecological training, they eagerly planted new crops like pigeonpea, local open-pollinated varieties of orange maize, and experimented with new agroecological practices such as legume residue incorporation and using compost manure. They have had good harvests for the last 4 years and are hopeful about the future in farming.

Mr. and Mrs. Fiyasi in front of their granary with millet, groundnuts and maize.

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