Soils, Food and Healthy Communities

Soils, Food and Healthy Communities

With the support of the Centre for Transformative Action we have started Friends of SFHC as a way for North Americans to support the work SFHC is doing in Malawi.

What is Friends of SFHC?

Friends of SFHC are academics, farmers, students, journalists, nutritionists and community members in North America who believe that the participatory, democratic, ecological, farmer-led approaches spearheaded by SFHC are critical in building a resilient food system. We consider ourselves ‘global citizens’ who are interested in addressing economic, health, and social inequalities at the household, community, and national levels within the agri-food system. This long-term project of solidarity supports SFHC to build sustainable, healthy, equitable, resilient communities and food systems in Malawi through awareness raising, fundraising, knowledge exchange, and visits between North Americans and Malawian collaborators.

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