We partner with organizations and institutions around the world to pursue projects in agroecology, food security, sustainability, gender equity, biodiversity, and much more. Read on (and check back often) to discover some of our latest work.

Malawi Farmer-to-Farmer Agroecology Project
SFHC and Ekwendeni Hospital (and other partners) promote participatory networks for farmer-to-farmer knowledge exchange, to support improved nutrition, increased use of local orange maize, youth and farmer livelihoods, and gender equity in Malawi.
The SFHC Farmer Research and Training Center
The SFHC Farmer Research and Training Center is under construction! We look forward to having space for farmer meetings, recipe testing, and agroecological example gardens. Read more about our fundraising campaign through Friends of SFHC here.
Carasso Project
Partnering with the University of Western Ontario and Cornell University, SFHC is conducting research on how an agroecological and participatory approach impacts dietary diversity, sustainability, and social equity in Dedza and Mzimba districts.
FARM for Biodiversity
With support from Future Earth, SFHC and friends of SFHC is bringing together a team of interdisciplinary researchers to explore the relationship between the adoption of agroecological practices and farm biodiversity in the Mzimba district.
Participatory Integrated Curriculum Project
A team of scientists, farmers, and staff from development organizations in Malawi and Tanzania came together to address agroecology, nutrition, climate change, and social equity in an integrated curriculum. Read about the curriculum project and download for nonprofit use.
Building on the work of FARM for Biodiversity, Farmer-led Agroecological Research in Malawi Using Scenarios for Biodiversity (FARMS4Biodiversity) explores the relationships between agroecology, climate change, landscapes, biodiversity, policy, and communities.

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