Agroecology training through the Eurofins Foundation

The generous support provided by the Eurofins Foundation has allowed SFHC the opportunity to expand on the Biovision-funded farmer training in order to support hundreds of additional farmers. This training follows several different facets of the food system, from biodynamic agronomic production to preservation and culinary preparation. After a successful first year of the project, progression in 2021, 2022 will include developments in three distinct categories:

To improve soil fertility and boost production and availability of nutrition-dense foods: 

  1. 300 farms will see improvement in their soils
  2. 300 households will have increased food production
  3. 300 farming households will receive a variety of local seed varieties that are rich in nutrients and appropriate for improving soil quality
  4. 300 farming households will be trained in different skills to successfully produce, consume and store high quality, nutritious food

To promote the improvement of crop yields:

  1. 300 farmers will be trained in agroecological farming methods (e.g. intercropping, utilizing ground cover, composting, etc.)
  2.  Demonstrations and field days will promote the effects of aforementioned methods on both yield and crop vitality

 To improve nutrition and gender equality outcomes:

  1. SFHC project members will organize community-based nutrition education recipe days, which involve teaching complementary feeding recipes for children who are under 5 
  2. SFHC project expects to reach to more than 300 community members on community-based gender sessions, to encourage engagement of men as well as women to participate in caregiving and nutrition practices, and to reduce women’s workloads

These activities align cleanly with Eurofin’s objective to support projects that seek to improve nutrition and health within communities, promote social equality, and protect an ever-changing environment.

We are so grateful for their continued support, and look forward to what this coming year will bring as we continue our work!