3 New Research Papers: 2021

Exciting and varied new research is available, from our research partners and farmer leaders! From research analyzing collaborative farmer-to-farmer training, to the exploration of exciting new communications technologies as a means of sharing knowledge, we’re proud of the work our team has done over the past year. As per usual, the abstracts are available on our Recent Publications page; you can also reach out to our research collaborator Rachel Bezner Kerr (rbeznerkerr@cornell.edu) for a PDF copy of any of these papers!

Explaining the impact of agroecology on farm-level transitions to food security in Malawi. (2021)

Sidney Madsen, Rachel Bezner Kerr, Noelle LaDue, Isaac Luginaah, Chipiliro Dzanja, Laifolo Dakishoni, Esther Lupafya, Lizzie Shumba and Catherine Hickey

Managing the new kapuchi: photovoice as a method for co-constructing knowledge in northern Malawi. (2021)

Stephanie K. Enloe, David Banda, Pressings Moyo, Laifolo Dakishoni, Rodgers Msachi & Rachel Bezner Kerr

Does participatory farmer-to-farmer training improve the adoption of sustainable land management practices? (2021)

Moses Mosonsieyiri Kansanga, Rachel Bezner Kerr, Esther Lupafya, Laifolo Dakishoni and Isaac Luginaah

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