An interview with SFHC’s Lizzie Shumba!

Lizzie Shumba joined SFHC in 2003 and since then has contributed much to our efforts and to the success of SFHC. The Agroecology and Livelihood Collaborative (ALC) from the University of Vermont conducted an interview with Lizzie to tell her story in helping promote agroecology within Malawi to support communities. Her work has contributed to supporting nutrition, climate adaptation, gender equity, and leadership. You can read more about this in ALC’s website, where the interview can be found in English, French, and Spanish.

Meet Lizzie Shumba: Advancing Nutrition, climate Adaptation, and gender justice in Malawi.

Blume, S., & Bucini, G. (2022). Meet Lizzie Shumba: Advancing nutrition, climate adaptation, and gender justice in Malawi. Perspectives on Agroecology Transitions – No. 4. Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative (ALC), University of Vermont.

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