Building a Base for BSF Insect Farming

In the past couple of months, our Project Manager, Rowland Watipaso Mhone, has been busy setting up a special facility for Black Soldier Flies (BSF). This house is divided into sections to cater to the various stages of the BSF lifecycle, including eggs, larvae, pre-pupae, and adult flies. Organic waste will serve as nourishment for the larvae, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Next, we’re fine-tuning the environment in the facility, making sure the temperature and humidity are just right for these helpful insects. Working closely with our community promoters, we will be on the lookout for farmers in our project areas, especially those involved in livestock farming, who want to be part of this exciting initiative. These farmers will get training in insect farming techniques, with the aim of producing top-notch animal feed and organic soil manure through BSF farming.

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