Harness Farm Project Launch

Currently, our Harness Farm Project interns Clara Levy and Wezzie Phiri (picture below) are busy with conducting market observations and consumer interviews in 4 towns and villages (Mzuzu, Ekwendeni, Enukweni and Rumphi) to understand their expectations and eating habits in the context of agroecological products.

Furthermore, during the past months, our Harness Farms project team engaged with producers across the large three working areas and collected valuable data through 990 surveys and insightful focus group discussions with around 70 farmers. The primary objective was to gain insights into their farming practices, their familiarity with agroecology, and the marketing challenges they encounter. Additionally, we sought their input on the specific data they desired to gather regarding consumers’ dietary preferences, allowing for improved production organization. Additionally, we started with project awareness meetings with the farmers as well as training on agroecological farming practices like manure preparation.

Project interns Wezzie Phiri and Clara Levy at market in Rumphi conducting consumer surveys.

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