Kicking off FARMS4Biodiversity

We’ve added a new page to our site as we launch an ambitious new project, FARMS4Biodiversity. FARMS brings together a team of researchers, farmers, scientists, policy-makers, and many others from around the world. We are so excited to have the opportunity to share our progress with you.

During the week of January 14th, multiple international and Malawian members of the FARMS team met in Malawi to begin work on the new project. Project members worked out a plan for ecological data sampling, in which the team will assess beneficial insects (i.e. bees, parasitoid wasps, and beetle predators) using bowl traps and pitfall traps. The project coordinator and farmer promoters were trained in using these techniques.

Learning to use bowl traps.
Learning to use pitfall traps.

The team will also sample pest damage through visual inspection of maize and bean plants. Team members decided upon the best protocol for collecting these data.

Finally, one farmer promotor will conduct bird surveys on participating farms with both visual and acoustic detections. Over the course of two weeks in the latter half of January, the team identified approximately 60 fields in 24 villages where they will perform these collections and surveys.

Lots of walking to find farms to include in the study!

We look forward to sharing new developments from FARMS as they unfold!

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