Sneak preview of food film highlights SFHC work

Raj Patel, a scholar and activist known for his renowned book about the food system, Stuffed and Starved, is working on a new documentary called Generation Food. SFHC is one of the focus organizations in the film. A… Read More

Farmer-led Curriculum Tested in Dedza

The first week of a new farmer-led curriculum, which integrates teaching on agroecology, nutrition, climate change and gender and social equity, was tested with 300 households in the Dedza District the first week of March. There was a… Read More

New Paper on Local Orange Maize as Vit A Source

In collaboration with scientists at the University of Manitoba, lead by Dr. Trust Beta, and with Chancellor College, we have published a new paper in the scientific journal Food Chemistry that shows evidence of the high value of… Read More

Dedza Field Day hosts 2500 farmers

On February 25, one of SFHC’s annual Field Days was hosted in the area surrounding Dedza, in the southern region of Malawi. This is a new area for the MAFFA project, and we were delighted with the level… Read More

Regional farmer exchanges to happen in February

In the upcoming month, the MAFFA project will be holding farmer exchanges within both the north and central regions, as well as between the two areas. Farmers will stay for around one week with their host households, to… Read More

JANUARY: Youth update, Gender training, PM&C evaluation, and new nutrient analysis

We are happy to announce that our second Youth Community Promoter, Cristina Hara, has returned from maternity leave! Cristina is happy to be back at work and looking forward to 2015’s activities. More Objective 4 of MAFFA news:… Read More

Seed distribution to over 4000 households

As of December, SFHC and other partners have completed seed distribution to the 4000 new participating households of the MAFFA (Malawi Farmer-to-Farmer Agroecology) project. This year’s seed included a range of varieties of pigeon pea, groundnut (peanut), bambara… Read More

Sidney Madsen studying MAFFA’s participatory approach

In January, young collaborating researcher Sidney Madsen will be traveling to Malawi to study and evaluate MAFFA’s participatory methods. She will also be working to set up a new participatory system of Monitoring and Evaluation for our project…. Read More

Active Discussion at Climate Change Adaptation Workshop

On March 3, we organized a workshop in Lilongwe, directed at policy makers who have an impact on governmental policy in Malawi. The aim was to share our research findings from the past 15 years, and present seven… Read More

UN Representative highlights project

As part of an 11-day visit to Malawi to assess the food and agricultural security of the country at large, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food visited the MAFFA office in its newest site in… Read More