Forbes Moyo


Forbes Moyo
Village Area: Kaŵanda
Joined in: 2012

Forbes is a 61 year old married man, and he and his wife  Agnes Chavula, have 6 children and 6 grandchildren. Two children  are staying with him. In 2014 his pigeonpea field was so impressive that the team decided to make it the place to visit during the annual field day.  Forbes has done a lot of work trying to manage the red and black beetles that eat pigeonpea. He said that he killed the beetles by hand, and he has experimented with cutting back the pigeonpea at different times of the year.  He buries the pigeonpea residue and his family loves eating the pea. When asked why he has devoted so much time to pigeonpea he said:  “From the word go when I heard about pigeonpea and how it improves soil fertility, I was so enthusiastic to find out if it works. I also see now it is a good relish.”

In 2015 he became part of a small group of SFHC farmers who are learning more about agroecological methods of insect management. He will be doing further experiments to try to reduce the problems of insect pests in pigeonpea, and will share his results with others

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