Sidney Madsen studying MAFFA’s participatory approach

In January, young collaborating researcher Sidney Madsen will be traveling to Malawi to study and evaluate MAFFA’s participatory methods. She will also be working to set up a new participatory system of Monitoring and Evaluation for our project. One of our objectives for the MAFFA project is to expand and improve our participatory approach within the Farmer Research Team (FRT) and throughout broader project management (Objective 2 of MAFFA project). We are working towards inclusive processes with the FRT groups contributing to the project, in order to create a socially just, participatory, democratic method of project organization. Sidney will be spending seven weeks in Malawi, visiting both locations, Lobi and Ekwendeni during her stay. Her visit and research is funded by the grant from the Canadian government as well as funds from Dr. Bezner Kerr at Cornell University. Safe travels, Sidney!

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