A taste of Malawi

With lots of exotic food stuffs being introduced in Malawi, many people have lost a touch of indigenous food. Thanks to the Mzimba North DAECC1 for introducing the yearly agricultural fair where farmers can come together showcase and trade their products and new technologies. This year’s agricultural fair’s theme was “Smallholder Commercialization; key to sustainable development”. The fair gave us an opportunity to showcase what our farmers are growing under the “Harness Farms Project”.

Through this project and part of the Northern Agroecology Collaborative (NAC) a consortium of three organizations; Soils Food and Healthy Communities, Slow Food Malawi and Biodiversity Conservation Initiative we are promoting agroecology in Northern Malawi by making initiatives for establishing agroecological markets where farmers in agroecology can sell their products at fair prices. The markets will be located in four locations; Mzuzu, Ekwendeni, Enukweni and Rumphi.

As a way of agreeing with DAECC’s theme, NAC showcased some of the local crops being grown with farmers from different locations without using synthetic fertilizer nor pesticides. From the displayed seeds, food was also prepared to show people it is possible to produce agroecological products that are marketable, healthy as well as delicious and many people rushed to the stand to have a taste of it.

1 District Agricultural Extension Coordinating Committee

see the feature from Zodiac news minutes 33-35 (facebook page)

Our agribusiness officer, Tadala Mukhuna (right) together with some farmers that are taking part in this project, Martha Chirwa, Mable Lungu, Jeremia Nyirenda, Justice Chibalazi, Damascus Symon Maona, Alice Khunga and Thandiwe Zimba (from left to right).

We displayed and sold a variety of different fruits, cereals and legumes, as well a botanical pesticides and food produced from agroecological produce.

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