Soon we will enter the world of insect farming!

End of June, our director and co-director, Esther Lupafya and Laifolo Dakishoni, met with project coordinators and collaborators in Uganda to launch this new exciting project on sustainable waste-based insect farming – the “SWIFT project“.

The project aims to promote waste-based Black Soldier Fly (BSF) insect farming, converting biowaste into valuable larvae used as animal feed and insect manure as a soil amendment. This approach encourages recycling and reduces environmental impact while creating new livelihood opportunities, desirably for women and youth farmers or entrepreneurs.  We will particularly be involved in the co-development of insect farming designs, equipment, and operational strategies to establish flexible frameworks and execute pilot programs.

In July, Benjamin Yobe, a BSF expert from Blantyre, conducted a comprehensive two-day training session for our field officer, Rowland Watipaso Mhone, along with promoters Paul Nkhonjera, Burton Gama and Tinkhani Gondwe. The team gained insights into both the theory and practice of insect farming, resulting in the collaborative construction of an initial prototype, a so-called insect “love cage” (right image).

Our team has recently completed the preparatory land clearing, laying the foundation for upcoming construction activities. In the following week, we are set to initiate construction on the insect farming facility, a dedicated space where we will undertake the propagation of black soldier flies.

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