A week of delicious recipe-sharing

Over one week, the SFHC team traveled to village areas Luzi, Kamwe, Kavula, and Mlimo to conduct recipe demonstrations. Farmers learned new and different recipes using locally grown crops. The training provided aimed to promote household nutrition and food security. In the villages, a common sentiment is that a nutritious diet incorporating all six food groups would require individuals to spend too much money and time. The SFHC team demonstrated the possibility of a more diverse diet using accessible ingredients. With the village members, we prepared soy milk, bean sausages, cakes, pumpkin leaves, donuts made from sweet potato, cassava, and pumpkin and other dishes. After the dishes were prepared, adults and children gathered to present the dishes they had helped make providing instructions for how the food was prepared. Lunch was also served, and the many dishes were enjoyed with relish and good cheer!

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