Celebrating Diversity: Highlights from Our Community Seed Fair

This month, we had the pleasure of hosting our annual Community Seed Fair at our Research and Training centre in Ekwendeni. 131 farmers, hailing from 13 different working areas, gathered to showcase their diverse seeds, creating a vibrant display of agricultural richness. This event served as a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and the sharing of unique seed varieties among our dedicated farming community. In recognition of our commitment to preserving and enhancing local seed diversity, we awarded the best-performing areas. Criteria included not only the diversity of crops grown but also the farmers’ depth of knowledge about these varieties, including their names and related farming, marketing and nutrional attributes. The top spot was secured by Kavula area represented by the proficient agroecological female farmers, Mable Lungu and Walekire Mphepo (see picture). The second position was claimed by Edundu area, followed by a joint third position of Chisangano and Kaluholo area, and Luzi area taking forth. These deserving farmers received financial rewards, which they generously shared with their fellow community members. Furthermore, we expressed our gratitude to our community promoters who worked closely with these exceptional areas (see picture). The Seed Fair was a true highlight after this year’s harvest, fostering an atmosphere of companionship, knowledge exchange, and celebration. This collective spirit continues to motivate us in our ongoing collaborative endeavors.

Awarded farmers on the first place from Kavula area (top), awarded community promoters (bottom left) and dancing SFHC staff at the opening ceremony (bottom right).

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