Farmer-led Curriculum Tested in Dedza

The first week of a new farmer-led curriculum, which integrates teaching on agroecology, nutrition, climate change and gender and social equity, was tested with 300 households in the Dedza District the first week of March. There was a lot of interest and enthusiasm for the material this first week of training. An additional 200 households will participate in this curriculum training in Mzimba District the third week of March. The curriculum, which was developed through a collaboration between SFHC, Cornell University, Michigan State University, University of Manitoba, Action Aid Tanzania and Chancellor College, University of Malawi, uses drama, dialogue and other teaching methods, and draws on the long-term methods used by SFHC. The curriculum is 2 weeks in length, and the second week of training will take place in April. The curriculum development was funded by the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell University. It will also be tested in Tanzania with 400 households in 2016. We intend to make this curriculum available for public, not-for-profit use once we have revised it based on farmer feedback.

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