FARMS at the BiodivERsA Launch in Helsinki

Earlier this month, SFHC Collaborator Rachel Bezner Kerr attended the exciting launch of new BiodivERsA projects in Helsinki–including their support for SFHC’s own FARMS4Biodiversity.

BiodivERsA, one of the funders for FARMS4Biodiversity, launching in Helsinki.

BiodivERsA is a network of funding organizations united to support research on the conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The network inludes 35 agencies and ministries from 23 European countries. Since 2005, BiodivERsA has funded about 70 different pan-European research projects.

The FARMS4Biodiversity team has already begun its innovative, ambitious work to collect and analyze data on species diversity and ecosystem services, while moving forward with plans to create a multi-actor platform that will examine scenarios of land-use change generated by the project.

Katherine Torday Gulden at NIBIO has written this informative article about the project’s launch; follow the link to learn more about the project’s aims and structure.

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