New grant from Eurofins Foundation to expand current projects

SFHC is delighted to be receiving support from the Eurofins Foundation to broaden one of our most exciting current projects, Expanding Food and Nutrition Security Through Farmer Training! This will allow us to work with an additional 500 farmer participants in this project. With this funding we’ll also be able to purchase more varieties of local seeds such as millet, cowpea and pigeon pea, and to sustain regular check-ins from our Farmer Research Team to support new farmers as they begin to integrate our techniques. We believe in building long-term community relationships here at SFHC, and this funding will allow us to continue supporting those relationships.

Funds from the Eurofins Foundation will also be used to improve some of the infrastructure of our Farmer Research and Training Center, the hub that has been the centre of our work since 2017. We’re thrilled to get started on this work!

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