Our “Farming for Change” Curriculum is Now Available

We are pleased to announce that our participatory, integrated curriculum is now available for download for non-profit use! “Farming for Change: A Participatory Teaching Guide on Agroecology, Climate Change, Nutrition and Social Equity” is a training manual written by a team of collaborating farmers, scientists, and staff from development organizations in Malawi and Tanzania. You can read more about the curriculum’s development, goals, and progress here.

Before being granted access to the download page, we ask that you complete a short questionnaire telling us why you’re interested in the curriculum. This not only helps us learn about who is using the material and to what end, but it also opens up the opportunity for dialogue between all of us who are interested in participatory, agroecological approaches to building healthy, sustainable communities.

The curriculum is currently available in English, Chichewa, Swahili, and Tumbuka (for non-profit use only). The questionnaire here will lead you to the download page.

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