SFHC featured in Beacons of Hope’s Transforming Food Systems project

The nonprofit Beacons of Hope, in collaboration with The Global Alliance for the Future of Food and Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development, has launched a new project entitled “Transforming Food Systems”. The project seeks out and highlights creative, resourceful food systems initiatives across the globe currently engaging in transformative work to address food insecurity, inequality and climate change. At SFHC, we recognize that the first step to change is envisioning it. As we continue to work toward a future built on a just food system, we learn and draw hope from our resilient colleagues across the planet pioneering alternatives to our current reality. We’re inspired by a diverse range of allies doing great work around the world, and honoured to be part of this initiative!

See Beacons of Hope’s feature on us; check out their interactive toolkit for amplifying the potential of food systems transformation; and read more about their related projects map!

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