SFHC on the seed hunt

Our dedicated team can be seen carefully grading seeds, a crucial step in our efforts to support our fellow farmers. Due to extreme weather conditions such as either drought or excessive rainfall this year, many crops have suffered, making it difficult for our farmers to produce enough seeds for the next planting season. Consequently, we had to travel very long distances to secure a variety of seeds, including beans, pigeon pea, cow peas, Bambara nuts, ground nuts, orange maize, finger millet and sorghum. The scarcity of seeds has also led to increased prices, prompting us to purchase non-graded pigeon pea seeds. However, our commitment to providing high-quality, germinating seeds to our farmers remains steadfast, as seen in this image, where we ensure that each seed meets our standards before distribution. The continued support from Biovision foundation helps us make a positive impact on local agriculture despite these challenges.

The team, including our director (left), is engaged in grading the pigeon pea seeds.

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