Reflections: A Visit from the Seed and Knowledge Initiative

In March 2018, SFHC was pleased to host a visit from the Seed and Knowledge Initiative (SKI)‘s Community of Practice. These experienced and dedicated activists, farmers, and community leaders joined us for several days to exchange knowledge, share food and discuss our experiences.

Mr. John Wilson, the Zimbabwean writer and activist and a member of SKI, wrote about his visit to SFHC in a personal reflection. He contemplates relationships between men and women in farming, the balance between research and civil society, and the delicious taste of — yes– roasted ants. This was written a few years ago, but our website was under maintenance at the time, and it’s worth bringing back!

Read Mr. John Wilson’s reflection here, and let us know what you think ­čÖé

Barefoot Guide Whole Landscapes - The Barefoot Guide Connection

Mr. Wilson is a co-author of Barefoot Guides’ excellent teaching resource, “Whole Landscapes, Whole Communities: Working with Nature to Heal, Transform and Regenerate Landscapes”┬Ł.

This mini Barefoot Guide is an introduction to landscape-level work with communities in the Southern African region. It is a resource to those communities and those working with them to think about why this landscape-level work is important.

We also hope that people elsewhere will read┬áthis and start talking about the opportunities we have to change how we think about the future, and how they might go about landscape-level work where they live.┬Ł

Looking for teaching resources? Their guide is well-researched, beautifully illustrated, accessibly written, and highly educational — check it out!

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