Launch: we have a podcast!

What is agroecology? How is it related to biodiversity and conservation? What is participatory research, and what does it mean to share different types of knowledge? How can you map knowledge sharing across a landscape?

If you’ve ever wondered about any of these questions, we have good news for you! SFHC is launching a podcast this year. We’re calling it “From the Ground Up

This first episode delves deep into one of our major current projects, FARMS 4 Biodiversity, to explore how all of these topics come together in our work. From pollination and pest control, to politics and participatory research, this episode introduces it all.

Our first episode features three of SFHC’s research collaborators: Daniel Kpienbaareh (Ghana, Canada), Stephanie Enloe (USA), and Cassandra Vogel (Germany), hosted by student Sammi Landsman (Cornell University). Episode 2 (coming soon!) features SFHC’s Deputy Director Laifolo Dakishoni in conversation with Rodgers Msachi, Head of Community Promoters.

Listen to From the Ground Up on Descript or on Soundcloud!

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