Recipe Day in Edundu

In early July, Edundu SFHC participants hosted a Recipe Day for farmers in the surrounding villages. Recipe Days are held as an opportunity for farmers-men and women- to get together to cook and exchange their own recipes, farming tips and stories, and enjoy themselves in the process. We are pleased to say that there were 29 women, 15 men and 30 children (5-12 years old) attending. Both men and women took part in preparing and cooking soy milk, bean meat, futali (made from sweet potato), sorghum porridge, sorghum doughnuts and many more dishes. Rogers Msachi, our long-standing community promoter, encouraged couples to work together in food preparation and child feeding as both of them have gained knowledge on how to make different foods from the locally available farm produce. Mr. Emmanuel Chilanga, a Masters student at Western University and collaborating with SFHC, studying Recipe Days, also actively participated. There were many innovative and delicious dishes shared, and it was a fun, successful day.

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